Dirk Schrade


Dirk grew up in Gomadingen in the south of Germany only a few minutes away from the event, Marbach CIC. His riding career began at the age of eight when his father took him to a local riding school and started to teach him on loaned ponies.

In 1997 he competed at the European Young Rider Championships on Macintosh, his first real event horse. After his basic military service at the Sports School of the German Armed Forces in Warendorf he went back to Gomadingen and completed two year training as a banker.  After six months he realized that working in a bank was not what he wanted to pursue and he decided to take on a career as a professional event rider. He went back to Warendorf, did a trainee and master certificate in horse riding, became a member of the “Perspektivgruppe” Eventing and the Bundeswehr Sports promotion section and worked and trained with Rudiger Schwarz.

In 2009, after ten years at the German Equestrian Olympic Committee in Warendorf he moved to Sprockhovel where Matthias Otto Erley offered him the chance to rent his facilities allowing Dirk to start his own business. For the following nine years he ran an international eventing yard with about 30 horses and became one of the most successful event riders in the world.

In November 2017, Dirk and his team moved to Holstein in the North of Germany, where Dirk now runs an international Eventing and Show Jumping yard with this long-time friend and business partner Christian Hess at the Radesforder Hof.

Dirk is in a relationship with the international dressage rider and trainer Johanna von Fircks. Alongside her own training and coaching, she supports Dirk in dressage both at home and at major competitions.

Winning the team gold medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games on King Artus, the European Championships in Malmo 2013, Blair 2015 and the World Equestrian Games in Normandy 2014, all on Hop and Skip, have been Dirks greatest achievements to date.  In 2011 he also came individual fourth at the European Championships in Luhmuhlen, as well as individual 6th in Malmo and 7th at Blair.



  • Team Gold London 2012 (King Artus)
  • Team Gold Normandy 2014
  • participated 2010 (Gadget de la Cere)
  • participated 2006 (Sindy)
  • Team Gold & 7th Individual 2015 (Hop and Skip)
  • Team Gold & 6th Individual 2013 (Hop and Skip)
  • 4th Individual 2011 (King Artus)
  • participated 2007 (Gadget de la Cere)
  • 8th    CCI**** Luhmuhlen 2015 (Hop and Skip)
  • 11th    CCI**** Burghley 2012 (Hop and Skip)
  • 11th    CCI**** Pau/FRA 2011 (Hop and Skip)
  • 6th      CCI**** Luhmühlen 2011 (Hop and Skip)
  • 1st      CCI**** Pau/FRAU 2009 (King Artus)
  • 3rd      CCI**** Luhmühlen 2009 (Gadget de la Cere)
  • 10th    CCI**** Luhmühlen 2008 (Admiral von Schneider)
  • 2nd     CCI**** Luhmühlen 2007 (Gadget de la Cere)
  • 5th      CCI**** Luhmühlen 2006 (Sindy)
  • 7th     EU-CH Individual Blair Castle (Hop and Skip)
  • 1st      EU-CH Team Blair Castle (Hop and Skip)
  • 10th     CICO*** Aachen (Hop and Skip)
  • 8th     CCI**** Luhmuhlen (Hop and Skip)
  • 3rd     CIC*** Marbach (Hop and Skip)
  • 1st      WEG Normandy (Team)
  • 10th     CICO*** Aachen (Hop and Skip)
  • 2nd      CICO*** Strzegom (Hop and Skip)
  • 9th       CIC*** Marbach (Hop and Skip)
  • 1st         CICO*** Aachen (Team)
  • 6th        CICO*** Aachen (Hop and Skip)
  • 2nd       CIC*** Luhmühlen (Hop and Skip)
  • 2nd       CIC*** Wiesbaden (King Artus)
  • 4th        CIC*** Wiesbaden (Hop and Skip)
  • 2nd       CIC*** Belton (King Artus)
  • 9th        CICO*** Fontainebleau (King Artus)
  • 13th      CICO*** Fontainebleau (Hop and Skip)
  • 11th    CCIO*** Boekelo (Edino)
  • 1st      CICO*** Aachen Mannschaft
  • 7th      CICO*** Aachen (King Artus)
  • 15th    CICO*** Aachen (Hop and Skip)
  • 2nd     CIC***W Malmö (Hop and Skip)
  • 6th      CIC*** Luhmühlen (King Artus)
  • 3rd      CIC*** Wiesbaden (King Artus)
  • 6th      CIC*** Wiesbaden (Hop and Skip)
  • 6th      CIC*** Marbach (King Artus)
  • 12th    CIC*** Marbach (Hop and Skip)
  • 7th      CIC*** Burnham Market (King Artus)