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Kreuth CIC*/**

Five of our horses had their first international classes in Kreuth during this weekend. Baxter and NZB Port Royal competed in the CIC**, Catelan, Unteam de la Cense and Clapton did the CIC*.

Baxter was very fresh and slightly to keen in the dressage, which cost us quite a few marks but on the other hand also proofed how well he came out of the winter and how much he still loves to be out and compete. Across country he felt as good as ever galloping so freshly up and down the hills that I had it was hard not to let him go too fast but give him a steady round. On the final day he jumped a lovely clear and despite the time faults across country took home 10th place.

Catelan, for whom this is the first season going international classes, did very well in the dressage to score 39.6, which took him in 3rd position. Across country the plan not to worry about the time but give him a steady round and build up his confidence worked very well and despite picking u a few time faults he came home with no further penalties. One unlucky pole down and four time faults completed his first CIC*, which overall was a very pleasant performance.

Unteam de la Cense started with a reasonable dressage of 47.6 but proved his lack of experience and confidence in himself across country where he had two run-outs. Although he came home fresh and fit we decided not to jump him on Sunday but school him across a few xc fences, which was highly beneficial and a huge boost for his learning and experience.

Another great performance was delivered by Mint who rode her own Boleybawn Prince in the CIC* with a fantastic double clear in 3rd place.

Ben and our new ride Clapton lost a few marks in the dressage but did a lovely double clear coming 9th in the CIC*. His second ride, NZP Port Royal did well in the dressage and across country but lost it in the jumping with very unusual three poles dropping him into 17th position.

Both Felix and Yoshi had a few good runs, in particular Felix and Onfire coming 2nd in the CIC** and Yoshi and new ride Calle coming 6th in the same class.

A huge thank you to Kerstin Hoffmann for providing the wonderful images.