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Fare well to Giulia and Daiki

At the end of last month we had to say good-bye to Giulia and Daiki who both stayed with us for quite a long time and are now approaching new periods in their life.

Giulia stayed with us for three years and became a true all-rounder in both riding the young horses and looking after the competition horses at all major competitions. She will now move back to Italy to concentrate a little bit more on her own horses.

Daiki joined the team towards the end of 2012 when coming over all the way from Australia to train with Yoshi. He became a popular member of the team who never was loss for finding an opportunity to make everyone smile. After a holiday in Japan he will move back to Australia with his wife and son to get back into the racing industry.

Both Giulia and Daiki were a massive gain for the team and will be missed very much.