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Marbach CIC*/CIC***

The 1&3* show in Marbach saw a revival of the complete Olympic team as it has been the first test event for the German team on the long route towards the World Equestrian Games in August.

Hop and Skip started with a very steady and nice test in the dressage to score some very good marks especially for his soft and flowing movements in the trot work at the beginning. With a not so well performed rein back and one poor flying change he finished his test on a score of 42,6 which took him into 14th place in a very competitive field with particularly good dressage tests.
The cross country course once again was beautifully designed and well build by Gerd Haiber and his team. Just in time for the first horse to go out on course the sun came out and provided a beautiful setting for a long afternoon of CIC*** cross country.
Hop and Skip this time started off a little bolder than usual but kept eating up all the fences and combinations to make it feel as easy as ever. With both ears in front he went beautifully from start to finish and came home clear only 10 seconds outside the optimum time. As the time seemed difficult to get for everyone and only three horses came home without time faults, Baxter moved up four places to start into the final show jumping from 10th place.

In his extraordinary manner he jumped careful and seemed desperate not to touch a single pole. A good clear round brought him up one place into 9th on the final result sheet. Once more he proved is consisting performance whilst obviously enjoying himself in all three phases this week.

In the CIC* it was Mr. Tomtom who brought home the best result this weekend. The young gelding started with a dressage of 49.1 which took him into 17th place before cross country where we went fast and clear to keep his score and climb up the leader board a few places. In the show jumping he hold his concentration very well this time and jumped a beautiful clear round which took him into a pleasant 7th place in the final ranking.

Carlevo started a bit hesitant in the dressage but got more and more relaxed throughout the test showing all his movement potential in all three paces towards the end. A score of 46,9 and 12th position is what he took to the second day of competition on Saturday. Across country we went beautifully and super confident to come home clear only one second outside the optimum time. One silly mistake in the show jumping added another 4 pp to his final score of 51.3, which took him into a good 12th in the final ranking.

Boleybawn Prince, the horse of our Thailand student mint, completed the Marbach 1* trio and came home with a rosette as well. With a dressage score of 50,3 he was the first one to go in the CIC* at 7.30am in the morning where he cruised beautifully around the hilly course picking up no more than a few time faults. On Sunday morning he had only one fence down in the show jumping and finished 15th.

All images © Julia Rau & A. Esser